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BTT Marine Services has been undergoing growth and expansion in recent years and its activities cover a wide range of diving services in the following fields:

  1. Diving Operations and Marine Engineering Services

    • General Diving Operations

      • Pre-construction diving preparations: Detailed analysis of underwater conditions and operational preparations before the commencement of construction projects.

      • Post-construction diving operations: Underwater inspection, testing, and maintenance operations on completed projects.

      • Subsea explorations: Observations conducted underwater to gather information and identify potential risks.

    • Marine Engineering

      • Pier and jetty construction and maintenance: Construction and maintenance processes for structures along the shoreline and underwater.

      • Marine structure construction and maintenance: Construction, maintenance, and repair of various structures used in the marine environment.

    • Diving Support Services

      • Pre-dive preparations: Planning, equipment procurement, and safety measures for safe diving operations.

      • Equipment management: Procurement, maintenance, and management of diving equipment.

      • Subsea safety surveillance: Monitoring and support services to ensure safety during diving operations.

    • Construction and Repair Dives

      • Underwater construction of structures: Construction of new structures underwater and engineering operations.

      • Subsea maintenance and repair: Engineering maintenance and repair operations for existing structures underwater.

      • Subsea welding operations: Welding operations for metal structures underwater.

    • Pipeline and Infrastructure Dives

      • Subsea pipeline laying: Operations involving excavation, laying, and connection of pipelines underwater.

      • Cable laying and maintenance: Operations for laying and maintaining cables underwater.

      • Infrastructure dives: General infrastructure projects conducted underwater.

  2. Marine Vessel Salvage and Maintenance Services

    • Underwater Salvage Operations for Marine Vessels

      • Underwater salvage operations for damaged or stranded marine vessels.

    • Underwater Maintenance and Repair for Marine Vessels

      • Engineering maintenance, repair, and improvement operations for marine vessels.

  3. Subsea Technical Measurements and Reporting for Pipelines and Coastal/Marine Structures

    • Subsea Technical Measurements and Reports

      • Detailed underwater technical measurements and comprehensive reporting for pipelines, coastal, and marine structures.

  4. Subsea Technical Services

    • Subsea Welding Operations

      • Welding operations for metal structures underwater and engineering reinforcement operations.

    • Subsea Cutting Operations

      • Cutting operations for materials underwater and shaping operations.

    • Bathymetric Surveys

      • Measurement, mapping, and analysis of detailed sea and underwater topography.

  5. Environmental and Archaeological Services

    • Underwater Archaeological Surveys

      • Archaeological excavations, examinations, and preservation of historical underwater remnants.

    • Subsea Fauna Rehabilitation Services

      • Improvement of the underwater ecosystem and environmentally friendly projects.

  6. Support Vessel Services

    • Support Vessels for Large-Scale Projects

      • Various services tailored to support vessels and large work vessels based on project requirements.

  7. Mooring Systems Handling and Maintenance

    • Mooring Systems Design and Production

    • Design and production of diverse mooring systems tailored to specific requirements, encompassing innovative solutions for various applications.

    • Mooring Systems Handling and Maintenance

    • Comprehensive handling and maintenance services for mooring systems across different applications, ensuring operational reliability and longevity.

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