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BTT Marine Services has been undergoing growth and expansion in recent years and its activities cover a wide range of diving services in the following fields:

  • Underwater Cutting and Welding.

  • Underwater Photography.

  • Underwater Survey.

  • Underwater Demolition.

  • Underwater Construction.

  • Underwater ship repairs.

  • Underwater Pipe laying in excavated or direct to the seabed level.

  • Underwater Cable laying in excavated or direct to the seabed level.

  • Underwater Foundation Works.

  • Underwater cleaning and painting of intake pipelines.

  • Cooling Water Intake & Outfall construction.

  • Assessment of Underwater Structures.

  • Repairs & Rehabilitation of Underwater Concrete Structures.

  • Repairs & Rehabilitation of Underwater Hydraulic Structures.

  • Repairs & Rehabilitation of Underwater Steel Structures.

  • Dock repair.

  • Cleaning intake systems

  • Erection of Underwater Structures.

  • Pipeline Cleaning & Maintenance.

  • Placing of underwater concrete accurately to the precise define line and level.

  • Placing of precast Concrete Blocks with defined lines, levels and tolerance.

  • Breakwater Construction Support Services, involving dressing of rock armour to improveline, profile and quality of interlock.

  • Placing of precast concrete armour units including Tetrapods and Stabits.

  • Cooling water intake construction using of concreter, G.R.P and coated steel pipes.

  • Welded and bolted steel repairs, sheet and tubular pipes.

  • Installation, maintenance and confirmation of cathodic protection system.

  • Environmental Pollution Controlling.

  • Bathymetry and Survey Services through specialized companies.

  • Precise underwater coordinate measurement

  • CBM (MBM) Systems design, maintenance and repair.

  • Oil & Gas Platform erection.

  • Salvage.

  • Wreck Removal.

  • ROV inspection with hired equipment.

  • Diving services management

  • Training Services.

Services of outfalls

& intakes

For many years BTT Marine has been associated with marine outfalls and seawater intake installations.

Wide appreciation of the design aspects together with a comprehensive range of installation techniques gives us the special ability to put the optimum package together. We have the experience and expertise to controlling, construct and install outfalls and intake pipelines manufactured from steel, concrete or plastic and the know-how to engineer the methods accordingly.

Traditionally outfall and intake pipelines have been installed directly into pre-dredged trenches. Alternative methods of post-lay trenching or jetting techniques can be adopted using trenching machines.

Operating internationally, we strive to develop high quality technical solutions using the most effective and appropriate installation techniques available

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